Aslıhan Koruyan Sabanci
sample recipes
Mediterranean Style Breakfast
  1. Season the olives with a touch of olive oil and thyme.

  2. Place the cucumbers, tomatoes, peppers, fresh mint, dill and parsley on a serving plate. Top with a pinch of salt, lemon and olive oil.

  3. Serve the jams and honey in separate serving cups.

  4. Prepare a cheese plate from the assorted cheese selection.

  5. Slice the hallumi cheese and cook each slice by turning over in a nonstick pan.

  6. Prepare the oven baked lemon pastrami as described in my book. (ref pg: 54)

  7. Prepare the sausages as described in my book. (ref pg: 56)

  8. Place the salami on a separate serving plate.

  9. Serve the yogurt with fruit and honey.

  10. Prepare the fresh squeezed fruit juice.

  11. Brew the tea as described in my book. (ref pg: 306)