Aslıhan Koruyan Sabanci
sample recipes
Bohça Kebabı (Bundled Eggplant Kebap)
  1. Chop the onion and garlic, sauté with two tablespoons olive oil.

  2. Add the ground beef and cook for five minutes.

  3. Combine the chopped tomatoes, one tablespoon olive oil, tomato purée, salt, pepper, minced thyme and parsley with the beef.

  4. Carefully add the boiling water and cook over low heat for one hour.

  5. Cut the eggplants in lengthwise strips and fry in sunflower oil.

  6. Place one or two tablespoons of the beef mixture onto the center of each slice of eggplant. Carefully roll the sliced eggplant around the beef like a bundle. Tie with parsley stems or secure with a toothpick, serve.

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